Saturday, May 14, 2016

Keychain with Amazing Casting Products

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I was gifted this lovely key chain a couple days ago and while I absolutely love it it's a bit heavy to put on my keyring.  You do know that too many things on your key ring is not good for your ignition right?  When your keys are heavy it weighs down on the ignition.  I really wanted to use this key chain, but don't want to wreck my ignition, so of course what do I do?  Yup Amazing Casting Products to the rescue because the resin piece will be super light weight!

First I mixed up equal parts of the Amazing Mold Putty and you can view mixing instructions HERE

After my mold was set which took less than 10 minutes
I mixed up equal parts of the Amazing Casting Resin with some 
the preparations for mixing HERE.

That set up within 10 minutes also.
I did run a little bit of Rub n Buff over the resin and
added some rhinestones. 

I love how this turned out and now I can proudly hang my 
car keys on it and not worry about wrecking my ignition.

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