Saturday, July 4, 2015

"American" Fries

Happy 4th of July!!!

Today is my favorite day of the year!  It's better than Christmas and my Birthday rolled into one!  Today is America's birthday and my husband's birthday also.  I've always been very patriotic and today I am here to inspire you with my American "Fries" earrings.  You will totally understand in a minute.

My grandkids have recently come to live with us and therefore we have all sorts of toys laying around the house.  The crafter in me is always looking at their toys wondering what I could mold or create with/for Amazing Casting Products.  Today is no exception ...

Recently we were playing kitchen and I saw these amazing French Fries in their mixture of play food.  
Oh how the wheels started to spin!

Here is my mold that I made with those cute play fries.  I poured them with some Amazing Casting Resin after making a mold with the Amazing Mold Putty and let them cure for about 5 minutes.

Using regular acrylic paints, I painted some red stripes and a small section in blue on top of the white Amazing Casting Resin.  E6000 and some rhinestones for some bling and drilling a hole to attach some jump rings and earring wires I now I have the perfect earrings for the 4th of July!

I totally thought how the shape of those French fries reminded me 
of a waving flag and I brought that vision to life!

I hope I've inspired you to use something out of your kids' or grandkids' stash and create something fun!

As always, have a great day and God Bless AMERICA!

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