Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Golf bracelett

Good morning, I'm here again to inspire you to use something you have and turn it into something it wasn't intended for.  Can you guess what I used?

Right now I should be somewhere in Florida.  My husband and son are avid golfers and we went to see the John Deere Classic in Iowa last year.  While we were there we found out that The Players would be happening over Mother's Day weekend in May of this year and that is my Mother's Day present, a whole week in Florida!  Now, I do not play golf, although I will be taking lessons when we get home, but I love the game.  I love watching my "boys" play and love driving the cart, hehehe.  I also love the clothing, I know I'm weird!  Now with the clothing I needed to accessorize and with that this idea was born.

For my son's birthday he received Golf-Opoly; just like Monopoly and the game pieces were of course golf themed.

I hijacked those pieces while he wasn't looking and created my molds,
mixed and poured my resin with the Alumilite Silver Metallic powder and created my bracelet pieces.
 Stringing them with some white pearls makes for a classy (lightweight) Golf bracelet. 

 I hope I've inspired you to create something that wasn't it's original purpose.
Make sure to head over to the Amazing Mold Putty Blog and check out all the fun stuff everyone over there is making.  On May 24th I will be featuring another project using pieces from the Frog Dog Studio May Kit for a very sad and sentimental project, so make sure to save the date!
Until next time, as always, have a great day and God Bless!

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