Monday, October 8, 2012

Wedding Flowers

Good Morning everyone,

What a fabulous day it is here.  Today is my birthday and it's my reason for being back here with you all.  I promised myself to come back into the blog world and no better day to start than on my birthday.  I probably won't be here on a daily basis, but more on a weekly one and I am planning on a few giveaways each time I post and I will tell you why in a minute.  As you know I've been missing for about a year with a post here and there, but now I am back and ready to show you some projects I've been making over the past year.  Since last fall a lot has happened and I will be touching on a few things in certain posts as they will pertain to the project I am showcasing.  I have definitely been crafting, but not blogging.  I love to craft and there for a while I was doing something literally every day and posting about it.  It was fun, but it also became like a third job and I was getting pretty stressed out.  I don't know how some of you do it...working full time, maybe kids at home, crafting and making blog posts.  It seems like my blog post where taking me hours with editing pictures, doing the step by step instructions and then the actual posting of it.  Last fall I took on a new job and 3 months into that job I became a manager.  Yeah, great for me, but it meant different responsibilities and having to learn quite a bit.  I also took on a small company for whom I am   doing their accounting.  I can do MOST of it at home, which is great, but it is still work.  I love what I do, but there just aren't enough hours in the day some times...So, when I could get some crafting time in, of course I jumped at it, but then it didn't leave me any time to blog about it.  I did take as many pictures as possible and saved them into folders so that some day I may start blogging again, and now is that someday.

Now today's project is actually one from this last weekend.  A few months ago a co-worker informed me that her daughter was getting married, and since I have done so many "crafty" things for work, did I know anything about making bouquets, etc.  Well, of course I do...LOL.  Actually my mom is the flower expert and I have learned a lot from her.  Plus I worked for a wholesale flower company for years and learned a lot from the designers, so, Yes was my answer.  We got together and they selected the flowers and this is what I came up with.
Brides Maid's bouquets 
Bridal Bouquet 
She was so beautiful
I cannot believe I forgot to take pictures of the boutonniers and corsages.  I am so mad at myself, but it was a pretty overwhelming day.
As my gift to them I etched their name and wedding date on a pair of wine glasses and used some of the flowers to adorn the stems.  I just used green floral tape to attach them and they will easily come off to wash them, but as the bride informed me, they can be hand washed and will stay like this forever.  The bride and groom where very happy with them 
Yeah, I'm happy with them also.

Now for my giveaway...
Here is a 6x6 glass mirror that I etched the word LOVE onto. I will be doing random giveaways, sometimes they will pertain to the project that I made or maybe just a random giveaway.  
You have 5 chances to win this mirror.
1.  Become a follower and let me know but if you already are just leave me a comment stating so.
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I will announce the winner next Monday, October 15th right here.

So I hope you have enjoyed my post and I hope to see you all again real soon.  
As always, God Bless and have a great day!!!


  1. Really had a great time reading your post. Thank you for this very detailed information you've shared.

  2. Happy Birthday to YOU!!! I hope it is a wonderful day for you!!! Your pieces you created for the bride are beautiful and I know she was so touched!!! What an honor it was for her to receive your creations!!!!

    I totally understand your thoughts about creating and does indeed take so much time especially when one has a full time job........I'm trying to tell myself to enjoy the ART and blog when I don't feel pressured.....LOL doesn't always work does it!!!

    I'm thrilled to see you posting again...I just love seeing your creations!! I hope you have a very blessed day!!

  3. Have been a follower for sometime now. Always look forward to getting your newsletter.

  4. The flowers are beautiful! Really enjoy visiting your blog. The mirror is an awesome prize, would love to win.

  5. Happy birthday..enjoyed seeing how you "found your true self" and the importance of what you do. Your work is very pretty and that Bride is beautiful.
    I am already following, but time to blog gets me as well, so I won't be doing the many things you requested, but know that I have missed seeing your posts.
    Stay well...
    Creative Wishes,
    Claire S

  6. awesome flowers, beautiful glasses

  7. Happy Birthday and Welcome Back! Your flowers are beautiful!

  8. I forgot to add my email to my previous comment.

    nanettemt@ yahoo dot com

  9. I am already a follower!

    nanettemt @ yahoo dot com

  10. I followed you on pinterest also.

    nanettemt @ yahoo dot com


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