Sunday, October 21, 2012

DT Announcement

Good morning everyone... so glad you all came back to join me on another adventure.  As many of  you  know, I used to be on the DT for Creative Paperclay®. When my term was up I did not reapply because I had a lot going on in my personal life.  I was sad to leave the team, but things come up and ... well you all know how it goes if you've been following my previous posts.  So about a month ago, Terri, the DT leader for Creative Paperclay® put out another request.  Well, I applied, a bit late, but I applied.  I really didn't think I'd get back on the team since my project was 12 hours  BUT I did and here I am to start showing you what I've been up to again.  I really have to say, even when I wasn't on the DT I was still using my paperclay.  I LOVE this stuff.  It is so versatile and since I am a multi media crafter, meaning I use about  everything and anything and try almost everything I can incorporate my paperclay into almost any project I do.  Today I am going to show you how to make a personalized pin.
We go to a lot of airshows and they are forever handing out trinkets.  Last summer Austyn received this pin from FED EX and I took it from him.  Remember, I will use about anything to craft with.  Anyhow...I used my Amazing Mold Putty to make a mold.  Yes, if you remembered correctly I used to be on the DT for them also and now I am running out of this stuff.  Luckily my Michaels carries it, so pretty soon I will have to use my 40% coupon to purchase some more :(
Then I pressed my paperclay into the mold.  I DO NOT leave my paperclay in the mold very long.  I like to ease it out of the mold and let it completely air dry.  I do flip it occasionally and it usually takes about 24 hours to dry, depending on the thickness of course. 
First I used a tiny emery board to get into all the crevices and made everything smooth.  Then I painted the wings in this white Pearl Metallic paint.  I got this on clearance for .59 cents and it gives it the most beautiful sheen.  I wish the pictures were better, but I lost my camera and have to use my phone right now.
After the paint was dry I added a Extreme glitter Acrylic paint to the Wings ONLY.  
It really highlights the wings 
Then I printed a picture of little Miss Alexis and white copy paper and attached it to the center with the 3d Crystal Lacquer.  Again I wish you could really see how glassy this is.  I also sealed the entire piece with the lacquer and it really gives it a finished look. 
After everything was nice and dry, which, with the crystal lacquer doesn't take long to dry at all, I glued a pin  to the back of the piece with my E6000 glue to make sure I get a good solid bond. 
and here is Miss Alexis on my shirt.  

Now, I hope you liked my little tutorial and remember, I am giving something away each time I put up a post.  Today's giveaway is for these wings made out of paperclay.  I will just be sending you the actual piece made out of clay.  You can paint it, sparkle it and use it any which way you want.
This is what you will receive...
Also, remember, that paperclay is very light weight, so you can add this to a card or a scrapbook layout.  You can do whatever you choose with it.  If you win this and use it and post it on your blog or wherever, please send me a link and I will link back to you.
Now how do you win this?  Well here are the rules:
You have 5 chances to win these wings.

1.  Become a follower and let me know but if you already are just leave me a comment stating so.

2.  Leave a comment about my post and tell me what you might do with this.

3.  Tweet about my giveaway and leave a comment below with your tweet URL

4.  Facebook about my giveaway and comment below with your FB URL.

5.  Follow me on pinterest and let me know so I can follow you back.

I will announce the winner next Monday, October 29th right here.
So last week I made a post about my zipper pulls and I didn't get as much of a response.  Either no one saw them or they just didn't like them.  So I decided since I only had two comments I would give each of them one.  So, Nanette and Edwina, please send me an email at burffrau @ gmail dot com to claim your zipper pulls.  Put winner in the subject line so that it doesn't get lost in all my other junk.  :)

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  1. Wow...I can't believe I've won something 2 weeks in a row. I'll email you my info again. Thanks!

    Your wings came out good. I'm thinking they might look nice on a military card if they are not too thick.


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