Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Good day all -

Just wanted to post a quicky.  I am going to be spending all day in my craft room today.  I've have to get so many things done.  My world is kinda crazy right now.  Starspaperpassion had a 100 follower giveaway last weekend.  I just love the cute cards she makes.  Anyway, I commented on her blog and guess what...I won.  This cart will be so cute for projects for both my son and grandson.  I can't wait to play with it.  Anyway, see what happens when you leave comments...? 

I will try to be back this afternoon with some more posts.  Oh and by the way, I will be a guest designer this friday somewhere.  Stay tuned to see where I am going.

As always, have a great day and god bless.


  1. Oh girl how exciting! I'm soooo excited for you! What a great cartridge too--I dont' have that one --you will have to let me know how you like it!

    big cricky hugs to you!

  2. ok so Im very very excited that you are a guest designer somewhere, but im kinda upset that you didn't just tell me when I was on the phone with you!!!!
    Oh and that cartridge looks awesome, cant wait to see it in use!


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