Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Guess What and Blog Candy

Hello all my good friends and blog readers. 

I am going to run a little contest today until next Tuesday, Sept 14th when I will unvail the full picture of each project. The only ones who are not eligible for this contest are my friends who have seen this project already.  AND you know who you are.  LOL  I will be posting two different sets of pictures because there are two projects.  You may guess on either set of pictures or both.  For each correct guess, your name will go into a random drawing.  So, if  you guess on both sets of pictures and you guess correctly on one, your name will be entered once.  If you guess correctly on both, your name will be entered twice.  Make sense?  I sure hope so.  I will not be posting the comments until after Tuesday.  That way everyone will have a fair chance.  Stipulation:  You will need to become a follower and post a comment to be eligible to win. 

Blog Candy?  Well I had done some shopping last week and picked up a couple of packs of stickers and rubons because I thought they were really cute or interesting.  When I got home and was going to hang them on my homemade clip it up is when I realized I already had some of them.  REALLY?  That just goes to show that I liked it twice.  LOL  So instead if running back to the store I thought I'd save them for a swap.  Well today I thought maybe I could run a little contest and give something away for a change.  I've been so blessed with some of the blog candy I've won, I figured it was my turn to share.  Here is what you will receive: 

Miss Elizabeth's - Metal Trimmed Stickers - Family
K & C Company - Life's Journey Words
Make it Personal - Time rubons
Provo Craft - Christina Cole Stand Outs
Making Memories - Family fabric stickers
Making Memories - Labels and Ephemeras stickers

And here is the first set of pictures:

The second set:

You only need to guess what the project itself is, but if  you are really good you might even tell me what cartridge I used or what technigue.  Pretty easy.  Have fun and enjoy!!!

As always, have a great day and god bless.


  1. Have you unvailed the pics yet? I am not familiar with the carts so I had no idea what they were but have been anxious about seeing the pictures. Did you get my email about what part of NE I am from? I never heard back so just wandered. Gloria.

  2. Not sure what the picture is at first I thought it might me one of those ceramic pots but the cartridge might be story time.

  3. Halloween project with owls spying? Can't wait to see the finished product!


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