Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Simple Frame for a birthday girl

Good day crafties

Today is a special day, as it is my granddaughter's 4th birthday.  Happy birthday Miss Alexis!

I try to make something for each of my grandkids for their birthdays.  It's just a way for them to know that while I'm creating I am also thinking of them!

So let's get started:

You will need:  wood blanks, 8 magnets, paint, hot glue gun embellishment, stickers, etc.

First I started out by painting 2 of the wooden fan blades, but you need 4 of them.
She loves purple, so I went with that.
Once they were dry hot glue 2 magnets on either side of 2 of the wooden blanks and then attach 2 more magnets on top of the other magnets.  Put a drop of hot glue on each magnet and then carefully line up the other wood blank ontop of those magnets.  This will ensure them to be equally spaced.
Just tie some twine or ribbon on the top wood blank and you are set!

The other wood blank I embellished with some stickers, bling and of course one of my famous crowns.
I made the crown with my Amazing Casting Products and you can find the tutorial HERE!

Now mommy can proudly display Alexis paintings and drawings from daycare!

Now, I'm sure the other two will want me to make them each one!

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