Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Faux Coaster with Amazing Casting Products

Good day, I'm here again showing you how to create coasters using an everyday household object.  I have an obsession with coasters.

I started with a couple of lids from some containers that I hoard!  

I mixed up my Amazing Casting Resin which will give me a nice white layer 
and you can view the instructions HERE!
I poured the resin to about half way up the lid lip.

I found a wine cork print from the internet and printed it out
and cut circles a bit smaller than the lids.

After the resin set up which only took about 5 minutes
I painted some Mod Podge onto the hardened resin.
See how the resin isn't quite up to the top of the lid?
(I left the resin in the lids though and I'll explain later why I did that.)

Then I placed the circle papers onto the Mod Podge
and painted some more Mod Podge over the top
after the initial layer had dried completely.
I did let this set up for about 2 hours to make sure the
Mod Podge dried all the way.
If you look closely I did have a bit tearing
but I didn't get too worked up about that.
Maybe I should have left the Mod Podge dry underneath
a bit longer before apply more Mod Podge to the top.

After I made sure my Mod Podge had dried completely,
I pulled out my Amazing Clear Cast Resin and some glitter.
I mixed the resin up and you can view a video tutorial on that HERE
and poured a bit of glitter into the mixture.

and slowly poured it into the lids.

I let this set up for about 24 hours
and popped out my resin coasters.
They are gorgeous!
I had made one with some magazine paper also.

 I hope I've inspired you to use something you have laying around to create a mold.

What object would you use as a mold?

Thanks for stopping by and as always, have a great day and God Bless!

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