Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hot Cocoa Mugs and keychains for Christmas

Good afternoon friends,

Just wanted to bring you a quick project I made this afternoon for my dart team.  Every year I like to give the girls on my team something handmade by me.  I've done ornaments, cards, key chains, etc.  This year I decided to do some glass etching and also another key chain.

I started out with some mugs I got at the dollar tree.  I love shopping there, there are so many possibilities with a little imagination!

A couple of years ago I made some hot cocoa bottles and you can see how the etching process works here.  This is what it looks like on my mugs
Photographing etched glass is somewhat tricky, therefore I placed a piece of paper in the mug so you can get the idea of the etched snowflake. 
I added some carmels, a hot cocoa packet and a candy cane to the mug.

It still wasn't enough for me, so I decided to make them each a keychain also. 
I started out with a mold that I made using the Amazing Mold Putty.  
I bought this stamp from Viva Las Vegas YEARS ago and still use it quite frequently.  
Some Stazon black ink and some flatback rhinestones should do the trick! 
Using the Amazing Casting Resin I made the tags, stamped my dartboard image directly onto the resin piece.  I redrilled the holes and added a keychain.  I also added the flatback rhinestone in the center where the bullseye should be with each girls' favorite color.  Now I hope they get the hint to hit that bullseye!  LOL  I'm just kidding.  We have a lot of fun throwing darts together! 
The dollar tree celophane bags come in very handy as a simple gift wrapping.  This way they can see what they got and not have to open it up at the bar.  Unless they really want to dig their keychains out!!! 

I'll be giving them their presents tonight and I'm pretty sure they will love them!

I hope you've found my quick project inspirational and I love reading comments, so please leave one.

As always, have a great day and 

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