Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oil Pastels to coloring Resin

Good morning friends,

If you were here yesterday looking for the second post to my Frog Dog Studio post from a week ago I apologize.  I know I had said the 2nd of June but in my head I had the 3rd in mind.  SORRY!  But I'm here today to with you another fun project using Frog Dog Studio's May kit.  LOVE IT!

here is the kit, now again, like I had stated in the previous post I am not a painter, drawer so I wasn't sure what I would do with the oil pastels that come with this kit.  But if you know me, I need to experiment like always and this is what I created.
and this
Now I am sure you want to know how I did this?  
Well be aware this is a heavy picture post.
Let's start with the leaf...
I created a mold using my Amazing Mold Putty.  You can go here to see how a mold is made. 
I then mixed up my Amazing Casting Resin with some Alumilite Black dye and poured my mold. 
and here is my leaf ready to be played with. 
I pulled out the Oil Pastels that came with the kit 
and colored over my leaf.  Not being careful at all and just coloring 
here and there mixing both the yellow and red randomly. 
Then the magic begins...I heat set the oil pastels...they melt and intertwine beautifully 
Look at's AMAZING!  I think I will turn this into a broach for fall.

Now let's see how I created my necklace...
I started with a mold of an old lock and only poured the main part with my Amazing Casting Resin and black alumilite dye.  I did have to cut a bit away as I only wanted the ROUND part.  I just used my exacto knife to trim around the edges.
I started out with the same concept of coloring certain areas with the oil pastels and heat set 
them also, but this time I chiseled off some of the green oil pastels and
 flaked them here and there onto the piece...and heat set. 
then I also colored a matching key with the oil pastels and heat set. 
and here it is... 
Please tell me what you think as I just love experimenting and when it works I'm on cloud nine.  
This has got to be one of my favorite experiments right now.  
I did plan on sealing these pieces with Amazing Clear Cast Resin 
to make them all shiny but I ran out of time to show you here.  

Until next time, have a great day and God Bless.

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