Friday, September 27, 2013

Amazing Ice Storm Commemorative Plaque

Good day all, I am here again with an Amazing photo plaque. Last April we had an ice storm that lasted 6 days. We were without power, heat and water for 4 of those days and it was COLD. We lost quite a few limbs from a lot of our trees and we even lost half of one tree. The entire town looked like a war zone. During the storm though there was some beauty to it as you will see in a moment. I took a bunch of pictures of all the stages of the storm and found this one to be a beautiful shot.

Somehow I wanted to remember this in a way that the picture just doesn't wind up in a photo album. Eventually I will add it to my scrapbook, but for now I wanted a reminder of how "cold" it was.  Not really, but it sounded good.  LOL

As I said before, we lost a bunch of limbs and when most of the ice was gone, hubby started to cut up those limbs and we will use them for firewood eventually. While he was sawing his heart out, an idea popped into my head and asked if he would please cut up a few "slabs" of the limbs. 

So let's get started:

I "painted" a mixture of the Amazing Casting Resin onto the slab of wood to seal it and to add a bit of "white". After that dried which only took about 5 minutes I "painted" another layer of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin over the top of that. 

I have a pair of "twig" barrettes that I knew I could use to make a mold with the Amazing Mold Putty. Hubby suggested I use real ones from the tree, but these worked just fine. 

I printed out the picture tore the edges and sealed it to my plaque with Amazing Clear Cast Resin. In my stash of "stuff" as I like to call it - I found these crystal like looking things and sprinkled them over the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and let it dry completely about 24 hours. Believe me, I have it all, just ask hubby. He recently told me we needed to add onto the house just to accommodate my crafting obsession - okay by me :)

Once that dried (another 24 hours) I dabbed a bit of Metallic White Acrylic paint over the "crystals" and added the twigs that I had bent slightly and added another layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

This now has 3 layers of Amazing Clear Cast Resin

I add some "snow" with my white puffy paint around the edges and on the twig and here is my finished masterpiece.

All I need to do now is add a picture hanger to the back,
and I will hang it next to the window facing this lovely tree. 


What event and items would you use to make
a commemorative plaque with Amazing Crafting Products?

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