Sunday, April 21, 2013

Daisy Barrettes anyone?

We received these fabulous Eastery colored cardstock in our packets.  I cannot get over how much I LOVE these papers.  I love all the glittery and sparkly that the Robin's Nest has in their paper.  Did you know all these papers are handglittered.  How do they do that?

First I selected these two wonderful papers and you can find them here
The glitter papers are so nummy looking.
I cut the daisies out using my cricut.  Then I needed to manipulate the papers a bit.  Using an old mousepad I laid the "flowers" on it upside down and used a maker to manipulate the paper by making circular motions on it.  You will "knock" off a little bit of the glitter, but not much to make a difference.  These papers really hold their glitz.  Then flip your flower over and do that same on the other side.  Now I needed the flowers to be double sided, but since the back of this cardstock is white I "mod podged" two flowers together.
Since the papers are onesided, I cut them out twice and modpodged them together.
Now comes the fun part...I mod podged each flower to give it a sturdy base, but yet flexible.  Then after they were dried I glued the double sided flower to the plain flower.  I added some dew drops with a different color center and added 3d crystal lacquer.  I just love what this crystal lacquer does to the centers.  I did sprinkle just a tiny bit of matching glitter ontop for added glitz.

Then I added a barrette to the back of the papers and turned them into barrettes for the girls. 
Aren't they just lovely?  See, you can even use paper to create barrettes. 

Here are just a few pictures showing off the girls with their barrettes.  It's pretty hard to keep a 3 and 1 year old interested in having their pictures taken, but the whole experience was pretty fun.

Now, a couple of weeks ago we participated in a blog hop for the Robin's Nest and my winner was:
Please send an email to to claim your prize
Head on over to the Robin's Nest to see if you are a winner from the other blogs and also to find out who the Grand Prize winner is.

As always, have a great day and God Bless.

As always, have a great day and god bless.

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