Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Butterfly kisses...

Good morning,

I'm so glad you came to see what I've created for Sakura Craft and Hobby today.  Remember you still have time to use the coupon code SHIMMER03 to get your 20% off of the Mixers till the end of the month.

Today I want to show you a few differences in color.  Now all the projects have used the same color, but you  will see how the colors differ depending on the background they are painted onto.

My first and most important project is the one I'm most proud of...LOL

I started with a mold of a frame and poured it with my casting resin.
Then I took some packaging (recycle) and cut 
it to fit onto the back of the frame.
Then I started to paint...I used the red shimmer
to highlight the butterfly and flowers on top of a gold acrylic. 

I used bottle caps to put the 3d crystal in and mix the shimmers into it so I can just throw the bottle cap away (recycle)
I painted the packaging with the green shimmer
and adhered it with some 3d crystal lacquer.  

I also painted the butterfly with the red shimmer and dotted it with black acrylic paint 
see how the packaging shimmers.  I also used the green to highlight some of the flowers on the frame...LOVE  
I covered a piece of wood I got from Hobby Lobby with some bronze shimmer paper and used the 3d crystal lacquer to adhere the frame to it. 
I stamped Butterfly wishes...with some stayzon in red and black overlapping it 
Awesome...I love how this shimmers.  These mixers are wonderful. 
Now, when I have leftover paint I either paint something I already have or I just paint it on some paper.  I painted the left over green shimmer on some black paper   
used my leaf punch and punched a few leaves out 
and highlighted them with a silver jelly roll pen.  I will be using these either on a card or maybe a scrapbook page.  Time will tell...I don't like waste. 
I also took some black river rocks that I have in my stash and painted them with the green shimmer mixer. 
Check out how awesome these shimmer 
I added a bail to the back of the rock and I will turn this into a pendant.

Now you can also dye fabric.  With the kit of shimmers you will also get a bonding agent.  I added a bit of the shimmer, bonding agent and water and mixed them together. 
Then I dipped some white ribbon and tulle into the mixture and here is the result.  The tulle didn't take too well, but it does still have a green tint to it.  The ribbon doesn't "shimmer" a lot, but does have a nice green tint to it also.
I also added the same combination into a spray bottle and sprayed some white flowers.  
NOW these really shimmer
Using the left over mixture of shimmer, bonding agent and water I dipped clear acrylic beads into it and let sit for about half an hour and I got some tinted beads.  Not too dramatic, but just enough of a hue of color.  How awesome is all of this? 

I cannot wait to show you what else I've done with all of these projects, so make sure you keep coming back and checking out all the tutorials.

As always, have a great day and God Bless.

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  1. Oh, I like the way all of these are looking -- can't wait to see what you do with em'... lol!!!


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