Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snowflake magnets

Good morning, and welcome to another Creative Paperclay® project.  I wanted to show you another project I made with all those embossed snowflakes and some others.  Remember, you can emboss your paperclay while it's still wet and using a cuddlebug folder or anything with texture just adds element to your project.  I love doing this.  Click on the link above if you don't remember the post or want to see it for the first time.  So let's get started:
After my snowflakes and other cookie cutter cut outs were completely dry, I painted them with acrylic paints and inked around the edges to give them dimension.  I do that allot. 
See how using different embossing folders gives them different looks.  I love this technique. 
So I wanted to turn them into memo holders... 
So I used Mod Podge and added some papers to the front of the clothespins.  Adding a bit of glitter here and there to make them sparkle and another layer of Mod Podge to seal them well. 
Aren't these cute? 
Now I wanted to turn them into refrigerator off to my "hoarding" bin and there I found some old 2012 calendar magnets.  Yes, I keep "EVERYTHING" 
I cut them into strips that are the same width as the clothespins and glued them to the backside of them. 
Now they can hang on your file cabinet (like mine) or the 
refrigerator (like my mom did) to keep notes or cards or whatever your heart desires. 
These turned out so cute.  I wanted to make them for my mom, my dad's girlfriend and MIL 
but also wanted to package them up cutely...SO 
I used bakers paper to cut the bags from my TBBM cricut cartridge 
scored them. 
glued them. 
folded them. 
the bottom is also glued, but somewhat fragile if you were to put anything heavy into it, so... 
I just cut a piece of cardboard to fit the bottom of the bag and used an adhesive runner  
placed it into the bottom of the bag
my hand didn't fit, so I used my scissor to make sure it fit snuggly and... 
here they are packaged for gift giving.  I cut some tags using up most of my Christmas paper scraps, punched holes at the top and used some ribbon to close them up.  I gave them to my mom, my dad's girlfriend and MIL and they loved them.

I hope I've given you some more ideas for using your Creative Paperclay® and hope to see you here again in a month.  As always, have a great day and God Bless.

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