Friday, December 10, 2010

Pocket calendar

Good day all,

I've really enjoyed making presents this year.  I have a few coworkers that have really helped me out this year and I wanted to give them each something for their individual personalities.  One of my coworkers is a "float" which means she takes over when someone needs a vacation day or is sick.  She sometimes comes in early for me if I have something personal to take care of.  She used to carry this huge calendar with her because she is never in one location and needs to keep track of where is she will be on a certain day.  I made her her own pocket sized calendar.  SHE LOVED IT.  I just bought a cheap daily planner at the Dollar Tree.  It was black and so I just cut a piece of vinyl to fit for the front and then I cut her name in SCAL out of black vinly.  I cut two red hearts and two black hearts and attached them to a paper clip.  SO cute and simple.  Now she can just move her paperclip to the pertaining week and she will never be lost again.  LOL


  1. I love this I have a niece and this is her name and this is a cute way to make a name tag for her.


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