Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Good Day All,

I guess I didn't reach my goal of 50 followers by midnight.  :(

I hope that each and every one of you brought in the New Year safely.  My husband, youngest son and I stayed home and waited for my BIL, SIL and Niece to arrive from Minnesota.  The weather was so bad that it took them a lot longer than expected.  The interstate was closed (unknown to us) so they had to take a long way around on a gravel 2 lane road in a blizzard.  Oi  They did arrive safely about half an hour before the new year.  We celebrated quietly.  My youngest is a huge rocket freak.  He has so many models of rockets and also the kind you can actually launch and he wanted to launch one at midnight.  We did however convince him to blow off a few Roman Candles instead.  At midnight he lit 3 of them.  Soon thereafter I received a facebook message from our next door neighbor asking if he heard fireworks.?  LOL 

I usually make a New Year's resolution, but somehow I just don't follow through with them.  LOL  So I am making a goal list instead

1.  Blog every week, no matter what.  It doesn't necessarily have to be a crafty post

2.  Make 2 cards per week. 

3.  Cook at least 1x a week and frozen pizzas don't count.  LOL  (my DH does most of the cooking, because he loves to and I hate to.)

4.  Work my dart ppd up to 19+.  I've been stuck at an 18. something, not quite reaching my goal of 19 solid.

5.  Be more satisfied with what I have.  My health, a job, and most of all my family. 

Here is a New Year picture of us last night.  I guess my added goal is that pictures of me look better.  Ugh
This is us, my DH, myself,  my DD, her husband and my youngest.

BIL, SIL, Niece, my youngest, DH and myself

As always, have a great day and god bless.

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