Sunday, October 19, 2014

Anything But a Card Week 3 Autumn Magic/Spring Wonder Challenge 40

Good morning

My Post is late because I wasn't feeling well the last couple of days, but I assure you I forced myself up this morning to finish editing my pictures and blog my post.  Over at Anything But a Card we are at Week 3 of our "Autumn Magic/Spring Wonder" Challenge No. 40. 

My best friend's favorite holiday is Halloween and every year I make something for her house.  I think she still likes me making stuff for her???  Maybe I should ask her, but then again, whenever I go over to her house she still has my "creations" on display!

This year I've seen so many bottle and yarn creations it's addicting.  I've pinned a gazillion things and knew I wanted to create a few.  Working for a bar really helps get unique shaped bottles also.  My boss gets a kick out of me coming in and putting my name on the bottle.  She knows that when they are empty to keep them for me.  

This is the bottle I had my eyes on for awhile.  

and with some orange yarn I bought at my local thrift store, some fake leaves, pipecleaners, google eyes, and black scrapbook paper I created her a fabulous pumpkin vase.  

I think he even looks good sitting in my living room.

I hope you will jump over to the blog and link up with us.  Please do us the favor and include this link in your post! Anything But a Card Challenges No. 40 "Autumn Magic/Spring Wonder"

As always, have a great day and God Bless!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween Card Swap

Good morning card makers

I recently asked to join a Halloween card swap.  I haven't make any cards for so long and thought this would be a way for me to get into some paper crafting again.  I've been shopping my stash lately and decided to use ONLY what I have on hand.  I really, really need to do some purging.

I have a huge array of Halloween stuff and this is what I came up with.


None of these took me very long to make, but I love each one in it's own way.

Which one is your favorite?  Leave me a comment and tell me which number you like the best.

As always, have a great day and God Bless.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Flat bone failure to Amazing Plate

Good morning friends

Remember my post from a couple of weeks back over at Amazing Mold Putty of my bone necklace.  You can view it HERE if you missed it.  Remember also how I said that the necklace was a failure because they didn't lay right since they had a flat surface?  Well, I fixed that by rebuilding.

 I started out with a skull that I purchased last year after Halloween.  It was on clearance (as if I ever pay full price for anything) because it didn't work.  But I knew I would be using these skulls for something.  Of course my Amazing Mold Putty comes in handy for this project.
I molded the skull with the mold putty
I drew a line in the mold with a a sharpie so all of my skulls would be the same height
And poured some with Amazing Casting Resin with Black Alumilite Dye
and some just white 
I glued all my cured pieces onto a charger with E6000 and I wanted to make the center of the plate a chalkboard 
I also rubbed some vaseline here and there which will allow my to rub off the paint in certain areas easily 
After the pieces were all glued down and cured I proceeded to paint the charger with the chalkboard paint.
Believe it or not, I added at LEAST 8 coats of the chalkboard paint and it still wouldn't take the chalk on.  I'm not sure what went wrong or why it happened, but I could not get my chalk to write on the charger.  I got pretty disgusted and was about to throw in the towel, when I came up with another solution...VINYL!  Duh!!! 

Since I was giving this as a gift to my tattoo artist, I pulled up his business card, 
imported it into my SCAL and had an exact match of lettering
I love how the red strikes onto that black charger.
You can also see where the vaseline rubbed the paint off nicely.  
I even "scratched" some areas, just to rough it up a bit more!
My tattoo artist LOVES it!  In fact, even his boss liked it and took the plate from him and displayed 
it in the front of the store on a shelf and said Jason could "visit" it anytime he wanted.

So, see, even if something doesn't work out there is always a solution to recreate an idea.

I hope you liked my post today and hope to see you again real soon.

As always, have a great day and God Bless!