Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ink pad Holder for $2 - Vinyl Mug

Hello all -

Last week I came across as awesome item using foam core.  I have a small craft room in my house and try to use any space I can.  I had been using a couple rubbermaid bins to store my inkpads which made it impossible to really see what I really had.  I was bloghopping and saw this and couldn't wait to build it. So I ran to the Dollar Tree (my second favorite store next to Big Lots.  That's another story in itself.) and bought 2 pieces of foam core for $1 a piece, downloaded the pdf file and proceeded to cut out my patterns.  A small family joke - I am not allowed to use knives. Ha ha. My DH, who by the way is very handy with knives, offered to cut it out for me.  I then took all my pieces and built my ink pad holder.  It turned out awesome.  I was a bit apprehensive of how strong it would be, but to my surprise it is absolutely sturdy.  I had filled it and then had to move it.  I was a bit scared, but it really is sturdy.  You can visit Rebel Inker and download her pdf file.  All she asks is to please not use this pdf file to make and resell.  I don't know why my picture turned out so blurry, but here is is.
I am going to alter the pattern a bit and make some more of these and store more of my stuff.  Hopefully next week I can show you another storage project.  I am so excited.  You will have to come back to find out what it is, but I can say it uses old lamp shades.  Stay tuned for further details.

Onto my next project.  As you all know, I had to go home for a couple of days to attend to a family matter.  My dad was in the army and he was a paratrooper.  Which gave me an idea.  I had wanted to make him something since I am always making something for my mom.  It's just so hard to make something for him.  Anyway, I had made a set of wings in Inkscape and then turned it into a scut file for my sure-cuts alot program.  I cut it out in silver vinyl along with his name and Off to the Dollar Tree again and bought a travel mug.  I really like the way it turned out, but my dad REALLY liked the way it turned out. Here is the picture.  If you would like the .scut file, please leave a comment and I will email it to you. 

So, I hope you liked my weekly Thursday project and hope to see you next week.

As always, have a wonderful week and god bless.


  1. Love this! would you still happen to have the scut file for this? Thanks in advance! :)

    1. Unfortunately since this post my computer crashed and I lost a bunch of files. I have thought about recreating it. If/when I do, I will send it to you. Glad you liked it!


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