Sunday, October 19, 2014

Anything But a Card Week 3 Autumn Magic/Spring Wonder Challenge 40

Good morning

My Post is late because I wasn't feeling well the last couple of days, but I assure you I forced myself up this morning to finish editing my pictures and blog my post.  Over at Anything But a Card we are at Week 3 of our "Autumn Magic/Spring Wonder" Challenge No. 40. 

My best friend's favorite holiday is Halloween and every year I make something for her house.  I think she still likes me making stuff for her???  Maybe I should ask her, but then again, whenever I go over to her house she still has my "creations" on display!

This year I've seen so many bottle and yarn creations it's addicting.  I've pinned a gazillion things and knew I wanted to create a few.  Working for a bar really helps get unique shaped bottles also.  My boss gets a kick out of me coming in and putting my name on the bottle.  She knows that when they are empty to keep them for me.  

This is the bottle I had my eyes on for awhile.  

and with some orange yarn I bought at my local thrift store, some fake leaves, pipecleaners, google eyes, and black scrapbook paper I created her a fabulous pumpkin vase.  

I think he even looks good sitting in my living room.

I hope you will jump over to the blog and link up with us.  Please do us the favor and include this link in your post! Anything But a Card Challenges No. 40 "Autumn Magic/Spring Wonder"

As always, have a great day and God Bless!


  1. What a great idea and a wonderful bottle to use for this creation. I think that if your friend still has your creations on display that she REALLY likes the gifts you make for her. This is a fun Halloween vase! Neva

  2. Brenda... what a super creative way to reuse your bottle ... I think that was Amaretto.... my favorite Love this and I know your friend will also !

  3. Oh my goodness, I bet you have quite the stash of bottles to get creative with, Brenda ! What a cute Jack o' lantern vase, thanks for sharing the idea of wrapping it with yarn.


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