Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Got Golf

Good I'm so eager to show you my June Inspiration for Amazing Mold Putty Design Team.  This is something outside of my box, actually it isn't that far outside, just a bit different than what I've been making lately. 

Recently I was asked what inspires me and I said "nothing in particular". That said, I started thinking more about that question and I guess it's my family. You know, most of what I make is usually for them or for me, LOL. Golf has recently (the last 3 years) become an addiction to my youngest son. If he's not at home you can usually find him on the golf course. It's great that it's basically in our backyard and he can go whenever he wants. For Christmas this past year we bought him a Junior Membership at the Club and now he spends every day there. I'm hoping he goes pro so I can retire and just enjoy watching him golf. 

Anywho...he has signed up for 12 tournaments this summer and we (he) have now completed 3. He took 4th place at the first one, didn't place the second one and got 2nd place the third tournament. I'm just thrilled that he's enjoying it so much and for each placement he receives a medal. So ... yes, I could have gone to the pro-shop and bought him a nice case to put his medals in, but with AMAZING Casting Products, I can do almost anything I want!

I started with casting an actual golf ball and only filling it half full with Amazing Casting Resin so I would get "half" golf balls. I drilled two holes, one on top of another with my dremel. The top hole was for the nail and then bottom hole for the cup hooks. Then I painted the pieces with white acrylic paint and nailed them to the board that actually was a piece of a drawer front that we got as a sample when we were looking at redoing our kitchen cabinets and put two hooks to hang it with (I recycle everthing). Then I painted the top of the nail again so you can't see it. I cut the words out of vinyl with my Cricut and now he has a place to hang his medals.

I really hope I've inspired you to try some Amazing Casting Products. There is simply no end to what you can create with it. Have I inspired you to create something? Please leave me a comment here and send me a link if you have created something with these products. Remember, you can get them at Michaels or even Hobby Lobby and if you can't find them there, you can always order them online here {AND there's a coupon below, too}.

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  1. Oh how CLEVER!!!! This is awesome and anyone who loves golf would love this!!!!!!


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