Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tennis Shoe Bank

Good day all...

I've been so busy creating and working both job that it is so hard to get here and blog about what I've actually done.  I've got about 12 projects I would like to share with you, but by the time I get done making the project between working a full-time and part-time job and home life I'm too tired to edit my pictures and write up my posts.  Blogging can be exhausting!!!  :)

I am here today to show you a quick project though.  My boss at my part-time job asked me if I could "bling" up a bank she bought for her daughter.  And here is what I did:

this is the bank shoe.  (Forgot to take a before picture) 
I didn't have any vinyl that matched the "tennis shoe", so I used alcohol inks 
on white vinyl and tried to get as close to the color of the "blue" I needed. 
Just put some of the inks together and keep blending until you get your desired affect. 
Keep blending.... 
This is the color I wanted to come close to and... 
here is the color I created.  I then cut her name out with my cricut.  As you can see 
I had to cut the "e" out a couple of times because it just wouldn't cut right and...
here it is. I also added some rhinestones to match 
the peace sign on the side of the shoe. 
My boss loved it...maybe I will get a raise.  LOL  Naaah, she's a great boss and she treats me very well.

So remember, if you don't have exactly what you need to make a project, 
think outside the box and make it work.

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